How to do H-1B Visa Lottery Registration for 2022

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H-1B Visa Registration Process 2022

The H-1B Visa registration (H-1B Visa Lottery) process requires employers to register each qualified cap subject H-1B visa beneficiary through a USCIS online portal before filing the actual petition with the USCIS. If the H-1B registration submissions exceed the statutory limits (which has been the case for past several years), USCIS will conduct a computer-generated lottery to determine which registrations may proceed with filing.

The registration process dates for an H1B visa are as follows:

• February 21st, 2022 – Employers can start creating an H1B registrant account at noon US Eastern time. (H-1B Registration Accounts can be created by visiting

  • March 1st to March 18th – H1B registration period.
  • March 18th onwards – The USCIS will start to notify H-1B visa lottery winners from March 18thh through March 31st.
  • April 1 – H-1B visa lottery winners can start to file the H-1B, this is the earliest date that you may submit an application for an H1B visa for FY 2023
  • October 1st, 2022 - H-1B Approved applicant can start to work 

Please provide the following information to complete the H-1B Registration:

H-1B Employer and Beneficiary Questionnaire


  1. Legal Name :
  2. Any Other Name (D/B/A) :
  3. What is the primary U.S. office address of the business or organization?:
  1. Telephone Number :
  2. Fax Number :
  3. Web Site URL :
  4. Email Address :
  5. Federal Tax ID Number :
  6. Type of Business
  7. Year Established :
  8. Gross Income :
  9. Total Number of Employees in US :
  10. Number of H1B Workers in US :

      Number of L-1 Workers in US :

  1. Name & Title of Person who will sign the H-1B petition -




Email Address:


First Name:

Middle Name:

Last Name:


Date Of Birth:

Country Of Birth:

Country Of Nationality:

Passport Number:

Master's Cap Eligible: YES____________ NO__________

If Yes, Name & Address of the U.S. University or College:

Is this a for-profit university?:

Is this a public or private non-profit university?

Please send the foregoing information to [email protected], [email protected]

 The USCIS allows to multiple beneficiaries, but a petitioner may only submit one registration per beneficiary in any fiscal year. If a petitioner submits more than one registration per beneficiary in the same fiscal year, all registrations filed by that petitioner relating to that beneficiary for that fiscal year will be considered invalid.

Registration Selection Notifications

A registrant's USCIS online account will show one of the following statuses for each registration:

Submitted: The registration has been submitted and is eligible for selection. If the initial selection process has been completed, this registration remains eligible, unless subsequently invalidated, for selection in any subsequent selections for the fiscal year for which it was submitted.

Selected: Selected to file an H-1B cap petition.

Not Selected: Not selected – not eligible to file an H-1B cap petition based on this registration.

Denied: Multiple registrations were submitted by or on behalf of the same registrant for the same beneficiary. If denied as a duplicate registration, all registrations submitted by or on behalf of the same registrant for this beneficiary for the fiscal year are invalid. (See our another article in multiple filing of H-1B visa lottery) 

Invalidated-Failed Payment: A registration was submitted but the payment method was declined, not reconciled, or otherwise invalid.


H1B Visa Fee Type

Fee in USD

Details of H1B Fee Component 

H1B Registration Fee


For H1B Registrations filed with USCIS to conduct lottery, before filing actual petition. Applicable only to new cap subject petitions.  The fee is effective from Dec 8, 2019. It applies to FY 2021 quota.

 Base filing fee


 For every petition 

(American Competitiveness and Workforce Improvement Act of 1998)



 $750 – for employers with 1 to 25 full time employees)

$1500 – for employers with 26 or    more full time equivalent employee )

Fraud prevent & detection fee


Only applies to New H1Bs and Change of employers (transfer) petitions only. Does not apply to Chile and Singapore based H1B1 petitions

Fee based on Public Law 114-113


Applicable, if the company has 50 or more employees and more than 50% of employees are on H1B or L1 Visa status, required for new H1B filing and change of employers.

Premium processing fee (Optional)


For faster adjudication within 15 calendar days. (This service is at the USCIS discretion and may not be available at this time (please check with us)

Immigration Attorney Fee



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