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Benefits of the EB-5 Program

  1. No Quota Backlogs &- Unlike many employment and family-based green card categories, the EB-5 investor category has not experienced the multi-year backlogs and attendant lengthy waiting times to obtain a green card.
  2. No Sponsor Needed &- As foreign investors commit their own personal funds, neither family or employer sponsorship is required.
  3. Approved Regional Center Investment Programs (If applicable) &- If an investor chooses to invest through an approved EB-5 Regional Center (as opposed to a direct investment into a project), s/he may choose from one of the many approved centers to invest in pre-arranged programs for the lower investment amount of $500,000, in addition to the administrative fees.
  4. Permanent Residency Options &- The foreign investor has the option to enter a limited partnership with limited or no day-to-day management responsibilities over the investment. In this situation, s/he has the liberty to live and work in the Unities States in any desired capacity.