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How Many H-1Bs are Available Every Year?

Under the current law, the number of available visas per fiscal year is:

  • 65,000 in the general pool
  • 20,000 additional allotted to those with graduate degrees from US universities
  • Unlimited visas for non-profit and government research laboratories and universities
  • 6,800 of those 65,000 are reserved for the H1B program under terms of the US-Chile and US-Singapore Free Trade Agreements
H-1B Visa Filing Fee for 2015

The employer is required to pay the filing fees associated with the H-1B visa petition. The fees include:

  • Filing fee of $325
  • ACWIA fee of $750 for employers with 25 or fewer employees and $1500 for employees with more than 25 employees (some exemptions may apply for this fee)
  • $500 Fraud Prevention and Detection fee (required when an employer is sponsoring an employee for the first time)
  • Public Law 111-230 requires the submission of an additional fee of $2,000 for certain H-1B petitions (additional fee applies to petitioners who employ 50+ employees in the US with more than 50% of its employees in the US on H-1B or L visas; additional fee is applicable to new and change of status petitions, but not for extensions)
  • $1,225 Premium Processing Fee (optional)
  • Attorney Fee: please call us at (212) 571-6002

All fees must be paid by the employer; however, the premium processing fee may be paid by the employee if the premium processing was initiated by the employee for his or her own benefit, and not for the benefit of the employer.