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Are you Ready to file H-1B Visa and respond to the complex H-1B visa RFEs under COVID-19's heightened USCIS scrutiny resulting from a very high unemployment number?
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Over 20 years of business immigration law experience with over 50,000 H-1B Visa approvals

We will evaluate your chances of obtaining an H-1B visa with confidence!

Welcome to our site and hope you find it informative. I along with our multilingual (Japanese, Hindi, Nepali, Chinese, Russian & Spanish) staff members are here to help you in getting the H-1B visa. Our Law Firm's H-1B Department has more than 20 years of experience in preparing thousands of H1B visa petitions involving small to large companies. We are proud of our proven expertise in helping IT consulting companies in successfully navigating complex 3rd party placement requirements. Our team of attorneys are here to talk to both employers and employees and find a winning solution to your H-1B visa issues.

Are you Ready to File H-1B Visa and Respond to the Complex H-1B Visa RFEs Under COVID-19's Heightened Scrutiny and Very High Unemployment?
Why Hire Law Offices of Keshab Raj Seadie, P.C. for Your H-1B Visa? With 50,000 Plus H-1B Approvals, We Know What We're Doing With H-1B Visas!

Law Offices of Keshab Raj Seadie, P.C. is changing the system. The status quo is no longer sufficient. We foster to provide honest immigration legal advice and only take cases if and when there is a likelihood of success! Bottom line, we do not give you false assurance! We tell the truth.

To do so, we actively harness the power of technology and the best possible legal minds, the most powerful tool in immigration law practice, in the physical and collaborative presence of clients and our legal team to function as a cohesive whole.

Our law firm prides itself on being the gold standard amongst business immigration practices. By staying on top of new trends at USCIS, we maintain a high rate of successful H1-B visa petition. Our associates will be with you every step of the way to support and educate you throughout the entire application process. That includes everything from dealing with the successful filing of H-1B visa, compliance protocols for the Labor Condition Application (LCA) & H-1B Audit originating from Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division as well as the FDNS site visit, and even defending the cancellation of your H1-B visa if necessary. Whatever your concerns, our 20 + years of extensive knowledge base is at your disposal so that you can make informed decisions about your case.

We are combining excellence in H-1B visa and green card processing with personalization, reasonable price with honest and highest quality immigration legal advice to all individuals and corporations throughout 50 States and US Embassies and Consulates abroad.

Our Process
  • We assess each client's case thoroughly to find out the entire history, strength, weakness, opportunity and threats.
  • We match clients to our legal team's subject matter expert and online legal research protocol to build each case a fully personalized and specific immigration case plan that covers the entire life cycle of the case, possible challenges during the adjudication while taking into account client's goal and financial ability.
  • Our approach eliminates any possible failures that can occur between clients and certain immigration lawyers and/or styles of practicing immigration law in traditional immigration law firms. No client files moves forward or remains in our law firm that doesn't have possibility of success.
  • We maintain flexibility throughout the case adjudication to ensure that all receipt notices and communications from the government agencies are communicated to clients within 24 hours. We also respond to Request for additional evidence requested by the various federal government agencies well in advance of a specific deadlines. We send weekly case status report to our clients. Our clients can also log into our cutting-edge portal to deal with the entire case.
We Have Successfully Responded to Thousands of Complex H-1B Requests for Additional Evidence (RFEs)

Our attorneys and paralegals have dealt with a variety of complex H-1B RFEs. Whether the RFE is for a Level I H-1B visa, third party client site placement, or a specialty occupation issue, our 20 plus experience along with cutting edge legal research have been a proven success in obtaining these H1-B visas.

We Have Helped Hundreds of Companies and Thousands of Individuals Just Like You

With over 20 years of experience in business immigration, including extensive success filing H-1B visas, we have tackled a very wide range of possible case scenarios. Our firm is prepared to navigate the most complex H1-B visa and immigration issues on your behalf. With 50,000 plus H-1B approvals, we have seen almost all imaginable H-1B visa issues pertaining to both small and big companies and job categories. You can be rest assured that our associates will see your H1-B visa through to a successful outcome. Our Clients Trust Us, and You Will Too!

The Law Offices of Keshab Raj Seadie, P.C. is known as one of the top US law firms in business immigration. Our practice is highly regarded, and our attorneys are globally recognized for their commitment to our clients' interests. Throughout our history, we have played a central role in helping both small to mid-size companies and individuals minimize their immigration risk.

Our top goal is to be the firm of choice for clients who need to tackle the most challenging visa issues, including significant immigration and department of labor audits, and critical visa approvals (including H1-B visa, E-3, TN, L-1A, L-1B, E-2, EB-5 investor green cards, PERM Labor Certification based green cards, and family based green cards).

Message From Keshab Raj Seadie, Esq., Managing Attorney

Welcome to our site and hope you find it informative. I along with our multilingual staff are here to help you in getting the H-1B visa. Our Law Firm's H-1B Department has more than 20 years of experience in preparing over fifty thousand H1B visa petitions involving small to large companies. We are proud of our proven expertise in helping IT consulting companies in successfully navigating complex requirements. Our team of attorneys are here to talk to both employers and employees and find a winning solution to your H-1B visa issues.

I am a U.S. Immigration attorney and successfully handled and over 50,000 H-1B visas. I have extensive experience in dealing with complex H-1B visa matters and represented 100s of corporations and thousands of individuals. Additionally, I have represented companies in dealing with H-1B FDNS site visit, H-1B Audit originating from the Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division and Consulate visa matters. I am also well versed in Motion Practice, Appeal to Administrative Appeal Office, Immigration Courts, Board of Immigration Appeals, Federal and Commercial Litigations. I use that knowledge to aggressively represent my clients. I am a member of the New York Bar and American Immigration Lawyer Association. I am a former United Nations staff member, a professional speaker and work as a Managing Attorney for Law Offices of Keshab Raj Seadie, P.C.

H-1B Visa Overview What is H-1B Visa?

The H1B visa is a temporary professional work visa required to come and work in the United States in 3-year increment. H-1B work visa is used by U.S. Employers to hire foreign professional workers. Nearly two-thirds of requests for H-1B workers are for Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM) occupations. There is also high demand for workers in healthcare, business, finance, and life sciences industries. H-1B visa is on much demand by the international students attending US universities as well as other foreign professionals for dual reason: it allows to work in the US on a temporary basis and at the same time it permits transition to green card.

Who is Qualified for H-1B Visa?

To qualify, you must hold a bachelor's or higher degree (or an equivalent foreign degree or 12 years of relevant progressive job experience) in the specific field for which you seek H-1B employment. USCIS Officer will determine whether your offered H-1B job falls under a specialty occupation and whether you are qualified to perform the job duties of the offered position. Your H-1B employer is required file a labor condition application with the Department of Labor and must comply with all terms and conditions.

How do I get H-1B Visa?
  1. Find a US Employer who needs your professional services in the field of your expertise.
  2. Once the hiring is done and offer letter is signed, the
  3. H-1B visa sponsoring Employer will collect your resume and copies of your passport, degree, diploma, transcripts and job experience letters for processing.
  4. Employer hires an immigration lawyer and send the basic company information, along with job title, job duties, address of the job site, salary, resume, degree, diploma, transcripts, and job experience letters to prepare the H-1B visa.
  5. Immigration Lawyer will discuss the case with the employer and provide a missing document list.
  6. Once agreed by all parties on terms and conditions, Immigration Lawyer will request the H-1B employer to post the LCA notice of posting at the job site and file a Labor Condition Application.
  7. The Immigration Lawyer starts to prepare I-129 and other forms as well as petition letter and obtains credential evaluation if and when needed.
  8. It takes 7 days to obtain certified Labor Condition Application. The certificate LCA and immigration forms must be signed by the H-1B employer prior to filing the H-1B visa petition to the USCIS.
  9. H-1B cap subjects cases (H-1B lottery) will need to be registered with the USCIS BETWEEN March 1st to March 20th by paying $10 H-1B visa registration fee. If selected in the lottery, the full H-1B petition must be filed within 90 days.
  10. About 65,000 H-1B visas are available each year. Additional 20,000 H-1B visas are available for people holding US Master's or higher degree from Public or non-profit college or university.
  11. H-1B transfer, H-1B extension, H-1B amendment can be filed anytime and do not go thru H-1B visa lottery.
  12. H-1B visa Initial Filing Fees: employer with less than 25 employees pay $1,710 and employer with more than 25 employees pay $2,460 to the Immigration. Employer with more than 50 employees and where 50% or higher of the employees hold H-1B or L-1 visas pay additional $4,000. The premium processing fee of $1440 is optional.
  13. H-1B Receipt Notice shall arrive within 2 to 3 weeks of filing an acceptable H-1B visa petition at the correct USCIS Service Center.
  14. H-1B Premium processing cases (for additional fee of $1440) and will be processed within 2 weeks if the premium processing is allowed by the USCIS at a particular time. Normal processing time varies and could take around 4 to 6 months. Once the file is opened, the USCIS will either approve the H-1B visa or request for additional evidence on availability of specialty occupation, qualification of the H-1B worker and maintenance of status of the H-1B worker is already in the US in another visa category.
  15. Upon approval of the H-1B visa by the USCIS, you can start to work if already in the US or apply for a work visa at the Embassy or Consulate. When your petition is approved, your employer or attorney will receive a Notice of Action, Form I-797, which serves as your petition's approval notification.
  16. To apply for H-1B visa at the US embassy or consulate, you will complete and submit DS 160 and other relevant forms and pay set fee. At the H-1B visa interview, The consular officer will verify your petition approval through the Department of State's Petition Information Management Service (PIMS) and verify your background and credentials. At this time, the Consul Officer will also verify bonafideness of the H-1B visa sponsoring employer. Once the Consul Officer issues the H-1B visa, you can come and start to work.
  17. US government agencies involved in the H-1B visa life cycle: The Employment and Training Administration (ETA) of the USDOL approves the LCA; The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) approves H-1B visa classification (status); The Department of State or the Embassy or Consulates issues the H-1B visa; The Wage and Hour Division (WHD) of USDOL enforces the employer's LCA obligations; and lastly the FDNS monitors the genuineness of the H-1B visa program through random site visit.
  18. Why hire our law firm for your H-1B visa? Keshab has successfully handled over 50,000 H-1B visas. He has extensive experience in dealing with complex H-1B visa matters including successfully responding to difficult Request for Additional Evidence (RFEs). Has represented 100s of corporations and thousands of individuals. Call us at 212-571-6002 or send an email to